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Benefits of Residential Aluminium Slat Fencing

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If you're looking for a front yard fence or a barrier on other parts of your property, you could consider an aluminium slat design. Here are some benefits.


Aluminium is a resilient material that withstands the outdoor environment. It naturally resists rust, unlike some types of steel. Plus, an aluminium fence won't rot, warp, or attract termites like timber can. These slat fences are powder coated with a hard, durable paint layer that doesn't chip or flake. As a result, the structure will require little maintenance besides the occasional spray with the garden hose to remove debris.

Privacy Options

Aluminium slat fence structures offer various privacy levels. The slats come in different widths and can be fitted close together with small gaps or wide apart for a more open structure. If you want to use your front yard as an additional living area, you might opt for a style that offers seclusion and lets only a flicker of light through. Otherwise, make the property more open with a lighter aesthetic. This slat structure also doesn't offer wide gaps that allow children or pets to get through, so it will safely enclose the property. You can also set up the fence in different heights, opting for a tall design for added privacy and security.


Aluminium slat fencing has a sleek, slimline appearance to enhance the kerb view. You can choose from a wide array of powder-coated colours such as red, grey, green, or black. This variety lets you match the fence to the rest of your property, repeating the hue of the roof or garage door, for example. You can also transform the look of these barriers by choosing a specific colour and structure and customising it to harmonise with the setting. For example, around a patio, you could build a waist-high barrier with widely spaced brown slats that mimic the rails on a timber fence, thus creating a rustic faux wood look. Or you could install a high, sleek, dark charcoal barrier around the front yard of a modern property to create an entirely different aesthetic.


Aluminium weighs much less than steel. This lightweight quality makes aluminium easy to work with, as contractors can transport and construct the barrier more easily than with a bulky material, helping keep construction costs to a minimum. Additionally, a manual aluminium gate will be more manageable to open and close than an unwieldy steel or timber structure.

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