Understanding Your Fencing Options

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Considerations When Hiring A Fencing Service

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Fencing contractors will help renovate your existing fence or install a new fence. Choosing the right fit fencing contractor is quite challenging, given that there are many fencing contractors offering different services. The guide below should help you select a suitable fencing contractor. 


Most people do not bother to assess the licencing of their fencing contractor. However, it is an essential concern since an unlicensed contractor cannot secure fencing permits required by the local authorities. A licenced contractor understands the fencing laws of your locality. For example, they could inform you about the permitted fences. Besides licencing, conduct research to establish the quality of services offered by the contractor. Reviews and testimonials by previous clients can help you determine the contractor's work ethic and quality of services. 

Access To Manufacturers

Your preferred fencing contractor should have direct access to fence manufacturers. It helps them conduct a comparative analysis of the various fencing products on sale. For instance, suppose you intend to install a chain-link fence, the contractor can inform you about the durability of the different fences. For example, which fence has the highest gauge? Which manufacturer complies with Australian standards? What is the warranty on the various fences? Which fences are galvanised? What is the best application for the fence? This information helps you make a decision based on the durability and functionality of the fence rather than its pricing. 

Manufacturer access also helps the contractor source high-quality products at a reasonable price. Most manufacturers respect the value that contractors add to their marketing and supply chain departments. For instance, they reduce their dependence on wholesalers and get free publicity when the contractor recommends a specific fence. Therefore, they often sell products at significant discounts and offer additional services such as shipping. Consequently, the contractor charges a lower installation fee. 

Ability To Customise Your Fence

The fencing contractor should customise the fence to suit your needs. Typically, they should examine your home to know how you intend to use the fence. The contractor then develops a fencing plan that keeps the fence functional. For instance, suppose you need dog fencing; the contractor could propose a portable design that allows you to move or dismantle the fence later. Conversely, when fencing your home, the contractor could suggest using lattices to make the fence appealing. Besides, they could propose the integration of razor or electric wires to prevent stray animals or unscrupulous individuals from accessing the property. 

When hiring a fencing contractor, check their licensing, access to manufacturers, and ability to customise the fence. For more information on fencing services, contact a professional near you.