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4 Reasons to Choose PVC-Coated Chain Link Fencing

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Chain link fencing represents a fantastic way to protect your property without breaking the bank. However, don't assume that plain chain link is the only way to go. It often makes sense to buy PVC-coated chain link instead.

PVC is simply applied over the original steel to provide another layer of defence, and that comes with several advantages. Here are just four reasons you should opt for a PVC-coated chain link fence.

1. Exceptional Rust Protection

Protection against rust is almost certainly the most common reason for choosing PVC-coated chain link. You might be telling yourself that steel used for fencing is already protected against rusting, but that protection sometimes doesn't go far enough. The galvanized coating used to resist corrosion can be scratched relatively easily, and the zinc used to create that coating will break down over time when salt is in the air. Additionally, you'll often find ungalvanized metal where the wire is cut, which represents a weak point. PVC will never rust and covers all the wire, so adding it to your chain link fencing can remarkably improve longevity.

2. Resistance to Superficial Damage

If you're thinking that PVC coating will simply break down itself to leave your fencing looking old and unreliable, think again. PVC has remarkable give — in fact, adding a coat to traditional chain link fencing results in a stronger final product. There's no need to worry about cracking, splitting, or peeling with PVC. That's one reason why you'll often see it used in courts where balls are likely to strike with some force.

3. Maintains Wire Shape

PVC fence coating is both strong and flexible. That means more than resisting damage — it also helps fencing keep its shape. If something strikes your chain link or someone tries to climb over it, the PVC will help prevent the wire from getting bent out of shape. Even if your fence is never touched, it can sag as time goes by; again, PVC will help it maintain its original shape.

4. Better Appearance

Don't run away with the idea that you'll only enjoy practical benefits when you choose PVC-coated chain link fencing — you'll also end up with a much better-looking final product. Instead of the simple dull grey of bare steel, you'll enjoy a range of options. This improves the appearance of your property, and it also helps adjust how visible your fencing is. For example, black fencing doesn't stand out like bare steel, while white fencing can usually be spotted from far away.

Speak with a professional who works with chain link fencing to discuss PVC coatings and other aspects of this type of fencing.