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Considerations for Swinging and Sliding Automated Gates

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To boost both the safety and aesthetics of your home, why not install an automated gate? An array of decorative styles will enhance the exterior, plus the update will increase security. You might wonder whether to install sliding or swinging gates. Here are some considerations to bear in mind when making your choice.

Swinging Gates

A significant factor in your decision of gate style is the layout of the gateway and available space. With swinging models, you don't need an area along the fence side so the gate can glide open. But the swing arc will require level driveway space instead. This style needs robust hinges to hold and move the gate's weight rather than a built-in track across the driveway, which sliding models demand.

Swinging gates come in a variety of materials, such as timber and metal, in a range of hues, allowing you to harmonise it with the landscape. You can stain the wood to create pale honey, red or dark tones. Alternatively, paint it any colour you wish. Metal slat designs create privacy, and tubular designs can be ornate or straightforward to coordinate with the style and architecture of your home. Single or double panelled options are available. Particularly when decoratively arched, double entrance gates create a classic, symmetrical aesthetic. 

Sliding Gates

Because sliding gates move unobtrusively to the side; they don't require a swinging arc space. You can park as close as you wish before opening the gate. When closed and locked, sliding gates provide a particularly strong barrier against intruders and so are great for security, as they attach to a fixed side post. Sliding gates are less affected by wind also than double panelled swinging models that meet at the middle and thus tend to sway. Even for a wide driveway, typically one sliding gate suffices, so long as it uses appropriately strong framing and materials. This means you only need motorisation for one barrier.

Sliding automated gates also use a range of materials, including metal and wood in assorted colours; thus, you can harmonise the structure with the environment. Slat styles in grey, brown, white or various other colours, and also decorative metal options are available. Even though these gates don't traditionally swing open, you can still install classic, ornate metal styles. Both swinging and sliding gates can use automation such as remote control devices or keypads that require a code to provide quick and easy access.

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