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Consider the Advantages of Using Lattice Screening

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When you want to enter your backyard you must make sure that it has adequate fencing to provide security and privacy but that isn't all that fencing can do. When you need to use fencing or screening on your property then a great idea is to use lattice screening. Wooden lattice screening is incredibly versatile and can complement any style of garden. If you have been wondering whether or not you should add lattice screening to your property, here are three advantages that could help you make up your mind.

The best option for plants

When you have climbing plants or plants that you want to train to grow in a particular way then lattice screening is ideal. It doesn't take too much effort to turn an empty wooden screen into a colourful floral display. All you will need to do is choose the plants you want to use and select the most appropriate lattice screening and place it wherever you want the display to be. You could use the screening as a property boundary or as free-standing dividers to create separate sections for your garden. Alternatively, you could opt for building a floral archway across a garden pathway.

An easy complement to the surroundings

Part of the versatility of lattice screening is that it can blend easily into its surroundings. You could leave the screen its original colour for a rustic effect. You could weave plants around the screening, or you could paint it any colour you wish. Lattice screening can suit any environment where you wish to place it. Alternatively, you could decide to make your screening a feature that draws the eyes by painting it to make a striking contrast with the surrounding elements of your yard or garden.

The best value option

When you want to erect a boundary or to divide your garden then you could build a brick wall or purchase expensive fencing panels, but lattice screening is normally a far cheaper option and can often achieve the same effect. As well as being cheaper than the alternatives, the light weight of lattice screening makes it simple to install; often it can be done alone without outside assistance. Why spend more than you have to when lattice screening can achieve the results you need at the fraction of the cost of a wall? If you would like to know more about lattice screens, your supplier will be able to assist you.