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The Safety Guidelines to Follow When Installing a Pool Fence

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One of the main concerns that you will have to deal with when you install a residential pool is safety. While pools are a fun way to pass time and relax on a hot summer day, they can also pose a safety hazard for small children and pets, especially when there is no barrier separating them from the main house or the neighbouring property. The best way to protect little children under the age of five and small pets from accidentally wandering into the pool is by installing a pool fence. The law requires all households with pools to adhere to certain pool fence safety standards. Here are some of the essential safety guidelines to follow when installing a pool fence around your property.

The Height of the Fence

Safety is the first reason to install a pool fence. You, therefore, need to install it to a height that a child cannot climb over. The safety body recommends that the fence should be at least one and a quarter metres tall. The space under the fence also needs to be so close to the ground that a child or pet will not crawl under the fence. An additional safety measure to install is an alarm to alert you when a child or pet tries to access the pool.

The Fence Type and Pattern

The type, design and pattern depend on the material used to make the fence. Wood, vinyl, aluminium and chain mesh are common pool fence materials. Wood is great because the slats can be joined as closely together as possible, which reduces the possibility of the child squeezing between the spaces. However, it does not stand weather conditions as well as vinyl and chain mesh. Weigh the pros and cons of each material and pick the one that will suit your budget but give you maximum safety.

The Fence Gates and Doors

One of the main weak areas a fence might have is the gates and the doors. A fence could be an excellent source of security for your pets and small children, but if the door is not safe, they will still access the pool. Study the recommended types of safety doors into the pool and pick one that is best suited to your needs.

These are simple safety guidelines to follow when installing a pool fence. If you will hire a professional for the installation, ensure they understand the Australian Standard safety regulations to avoid accidents and losses. For more information about pool fencing, contact a professional.