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Why Add Brace Bars to Aluminium Slat Fences?

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If you've decided to replace your old and weak fences, then aluminium slat fencing products are a stylish and strong option. These fences look good; they are also strong and stable.

When you plan on how many panels and posts to buy, it's worth adding some brace bars to the mix. These bars usually go in the middle of panels between posts to reinforce the fence a little more.

When is additional bracing a good idea? Read on to find out.

Your Fence Posts Are a Long Way Apart

If you have to or want to, put your fence posts a bit further apart than the norm, then your fence may lose some strength. Your panels may be longer, and you may have fewer posts helping keep the fence in place.

In this scenario, putting brace bars in the middle of your panel shores up your fence. The bars are an extra form of support for longer panels, and they help hold the panels in place without detracting from the design or look of the fencing. This helps compensate for weak spots where you don't have as many holding panels as you might need.

You Need Extra Reinforcement

While aluminium slat fencing is sturdy and strong, it can still be damaged, either accidentally or intentionally. No fence is strong enough to cope with freak weather conditions or a determined vandal or intruder.

For example, if you live in an area that has occasional bad storms, high winds or even cyclones, then you probably already know that fences struggle to cope in these conditions. You may have lost fences in the past that have blown over or come loose.

Or, if you have problems in your neighbourhood with vandalism or burglary, then your fence isn't always enough to keep people out of your property. If someone is determined enough, they can find a weak spot in a fence and breach it.

Adding brace bars to your fencing helps with both these problems. The bars give their fence panels extra anchorage and strength. They are less likely to suffer from wind damage. They also get added protection against anyone who tries to damage the fence or pull its panels over.

To find out more about aluminium slat fencing and bracing options for both panels and gates, talk to fencing contractors. They can help you work out the best way to build strong fences around your home.