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4 Reasons to Secure Your Property with Chain Mesh Fencing

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There are different types of fencing materials, ranging from wood and vinyl to steel and aluminium. One common type of fencing today is chain mesh fencing. It's easy to install and allows for both residential and commercial applications.

Chain mesh is ideal for your fencing needs because of its many benefits, including:

Highly Durable

Chain mesh fences are pest- and rot-resistant since they are made from electroplated steel. Since they are galvanised, you do not need to stain or repaint them. Other than the simple removal of leaves or cobwebs, chain link fences require less effort to maintain. For this reason, chain mesh fencing is ideal for commercial and residential property owners who do not want to incur additional maintenance costs. 

More Secure

Professionally installed chain mesh fencing is hard to breach. Also known as cyclone or hurricane fence, this type of fencing is made by interlocking galvanised steel wires. These wires are then linked together, forming diamond patterns, and welded on firmly installed steel poles. The mesh can allow visibility, but it's difficult to break into, making it suitable for high-security facilities like military bases, industrial, and correctional facilities.

Fairly Affordable

When looking for an affordable fencing solution, consider the chain mesh option. The cost of component materials and installation is relatively cheap. Hence when looking for a durable fence with excellent visibility, and if you want to evade paying a premium, consider chain mesh fencing. This option can help you save more compared to other fencing options available on the market today.

Wide Variety

Chain mesh fencing offers a broad range of options you can choose from for your needs. For the galvanised steel wire, you can select your preferred thickness according to the security level you wish to achieve. Standard chain mesh fences are usually 1-3.5 meters high, but you can go for much taller heights depending on your needs. Furthermore, you can select your preferred gate for your chain mesh fence, including an automatic sliding gate, walkthrough gate, or a swing gate.

Since chain mesh fencing is highly versatile, it plays an essential role in commercial and residential applications. You can choose from thick, imposing fencing to low, colour-coated chain link fencing that blends well with the aesthetics of your home. While it is highly customisable, chain mesh fencing is also affordable, durable, easy to install, and the best solution for securing your commercial or residential property.