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What You Need To Know About Automatic Gates

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Automatic gates control passage in and out of a secured area. These gates are mainly used at the main entrance to control vehicular access out and into a property. They can also be used at interior areas in a property like inside the parking garage. If you are thinking of installing automatic gates for your business or home, here are some of the things you need to know.

What Considerations Should You Make When Choosing an Automatic Gate?

There are several things to keep in mind when you're making your choice.

Speed: Automatic gates have different speeds for opening and closing them. Gates with slow speeds are ideal for residential properties. On the other hand, high speeds are ideal for industrial applications like airports and distribution centres. Slow opening speeds can cause user frustration and traffic backups while slow-closing speeds can lead to security violations.

Operating System: Automatic gates come with different operating systems. Hydraulic systems resist wind better and last longer. They are also quieter. The main downside is that hydraulic systems are expensive. If you do not mind the wind or the noise made when opening or closing the gate, then electromechanical systems are more affordable options. Other considerations to make when choosing an operating system include video intercoms, voice intercoms, digital pads and key-operated switches.

Safety: You should never compromise on safety when it comes to choosing automatic gates. For increased safety, you can install safety beams. These applications prevent vehicles or people from passing through the gate until the entrance is clear. Loop detectors are other applications that prevent access to the gates. However, loop detectors only spot vehicles. Ensure you choose a well-automated gate system to prevent avoidable security breaches.

What Are The Advantages of Automatic Gates?

If you want to have the best advantages, keep the following in mind when you're making your decision.

Security is the main benefit of electric gates. With these gates, you don't need physical effort to open or close them. The gates have security codes, and visitors are required to input their access codes to open them.

Automatic gates are also strong and durable and come in various sizes. You can also add a maglock for additional security. This electromagnet is fueled when you close the gate, making unauthorised access much difficult.

Automatic gates are also convenient when you are entering or leaving your premises. You have the ability to open the gates when you are driving a few miles away. Therefore, you do not have to come down from your car and operate the gate manually. Some automatic gates also come with multiple remotes where there is more than one car passing through the gates.

Installation of automatic gates is one way of securing your property from invaders. These gates can be used at home or at the office. When choosing an electric gate, make sure you consider the opening size, available space and speed. Some of the benefits you stand to gain from these gates include security, durability and convenience.