Understanding Your Fencing Options

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Why Hiring A Specialist Fencing Contractor Is Always Better Than A General Builder

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If you want a quality fence that will last the test of time, there is really only one choice for who you should get to install it: fencing contractors. While many construction companies will offer to do it for you as part of a larger construction project, you should always go with the experts. Fencing contractors are the ones who know all the different styles, models, brands, trends and features that you are looking for in a fence, while a regular construction crew will have only a basic understanding of similar topics. Here are a few detailed reasons why fencing contractors remain the kings of their industry.


As briefly mentioned above, fencing contractors have a whole plethora of options that they can draw from. If you want more than just a basic tin fence, then you have to go to the people with the largest repertoire. Some popular options include the following:

  • Tubular fencing has a more gothic look that goes well with older or more stylised homes.
  • Screen fencing is great as the ultimate privacy option while not sacrificing any quality or aesthetic appeal. 
  • Modular walls look like they were built out of brick but are often much cheaper and just as strong.

Automated Gates

If you are looking for the height of luxury and cool, then an automated gate cannot be far from your list. Automated gates are solely the territory of fencing contractors, and they know all about designing, installing and maintaining them in the harsh Australian climate. Whether you want sliding gates or inward-swinging gates, there is something for everybody when it comes to automated gates. They are great not just as a decorative piece but as part of a comprehensive home security system. If you are serious about style and security, then automated gates are a must.

Build Quality

Perhaps the most important thing you are getting when hiring fencing contractors over traditional builders is the quality of work that is done. This is simply due to the fact that fencing contractors are experts in this field and know how to install and place a fence far better than builders who might understand the concept but don't have the experience. You wouldn't hire a fencing contractor to build your house, so why would you go to your construction contractors to build a fence? Most fencing contractors also offer years-long guarantees to show that they stand by their product in a way that is quite rare these days.