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Benefits Of Tubular Fencing Around The Home

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If the front fence around a property looks old and worn, it can bring down the look of the entire facade. The same goes for dilapidated fencing in a backyard or a home, which can detract from other attractive surrounding features. Upgrading with lovely tubular fencing will uplift the aesthetics of the entire area. Read on to discover several benefits of these barriers.

Versatile Configuration Options

Tubular metal fences—available in a wide range of styles from simple and minimalist to ornate and elaborate—impart a chic appeal to a home. Whether your home is contemporary or Victorian in form, a harmonious tubular fence design is sure to be available. Even simple flat-top designs impart an elegance unmatched by timber or other fence types. At the other end of the scale, you can install a highly decorative fence with exquisite filigrees within the metalwork. 

The versatility of metal extends to the colours; select from black, green, white, red or other custom hues. A black fence tends to disappear within a setting of trees and foliage, and so this option provides an ideal discreet alternative. You might prefer a straightforward form for the fencing, which you can then accessorise with a stunning gate design, either modern or classic. 

Enables A Polished, Integrated Design

Repetition of elements within a home creates a polished, integrated effect, and tubular fencing can help to achieve this aim, suiting many different areas. For instance, around a patio, pool or terrace, the metal barriers delineate the various areas of the landscape. Inside, they provide a safe railing for staircases and mezzanine levels. While you might vary the designs for the fencing outdoors and indoors, carrying an element, such as a colour or design detail, will tie everything together. 

Long-Lasting And Durable

Typically using aluminium, steel or iron, tubular fences won't splinter and rot upon exposure to rain. Aluminium naturally repels corrosion, while steel and iron have a protective anti-corrosive paint layer. Alternatively, a powder-coating process covers metal objects with a baked-on film of polyester paint which is extremely durable while providing an attractive, lustrous, smooth finish. 

Provides Security And Safety

While tubular fences are stunning, this doesn't detract from their protective capabilities. Around a property, they provide substantial resistance against intruders. You can construct the barrier in various heights and designs. For example, spear-tip designs with a spiky top deter people from climbing over the fence. These structures also offer the benefit of visibility, so intruders can't enter your property and then remain hidden by an opaque front fence. 

Crucially, tubular fences also create sturdy barriers for staircases and balconies, keeping everyone safe from falling over the edge. You can vary the width between the railings and their height to fit your needs.