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Four Reasons Why A Cast Iron Fence May be The Ideal Choice For Your Home

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There is a vast array of options available when choosing a material for your new front fence. This can make deciding on which material is best for your home a difficult choice. Although there are many modern materials available, cast iron fencing is still a hugely popular choice for many Australians. Here are four reasons why a cast iron fence might be the perfect choice for your home.

1. They're very strong

Iron is one of the most solid materials used in fencing. Unlike other metal fences where the different components of the fence may be welded or bolted together, cast iron fencing is made by pouring molten iron into a cast. As the metal cools and solidifies, it creates a single fencing unit that is incredibly strong with decorative features that won't snap off over time. This strength also makes them more effective as a physical barrier to prevent unwanted visitors from entering your property.

2. They're amazingly durable

Cast iron is as durable as it is strong. A good quality cast iron fence will last a lifetime and will withstand the rigours of weather and corrosion far more effectively than most other materials. An occasional sand and repaint will prevent rust from developing and keep your fence in top condition both practically and aesthetically.

3. They're highly individual

One of the attractions of cast iron is that the possibilities for different designs are endless. Because cast iron is poured instead of being shaped, you can have highly intricate details that are unique to your home. Most cast iron manufacturers have a set range of designs, but if you want something truly individual, you can have your fence custom made in a one-off design.

4. They're incredibly beautiful

Cast iron fences have been used for centuries to add beauty and security to homes around the world. The highly decorative and intricate designs add a timeless beauty and character to any home. They make the entrance to your home more appealing and give it the wow factor that is hard to achieve with more standard fence materials.

If a cast iron fence sounds like the perfect choice for your home's new fence, then contact your local cast iron manufacturer. They can guide you through the process of choosing the style and details for your new fence and discuss the different options for installing the fence into place along your home's fenceline.