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Main Benefits of Erecting a Slatted Fence

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Considering the broad range of styles, designs and materials available for fence construction, it is not surprising that making a decision can be daunting or many homeowners. However, the main reason why you have such a wide selection to choose from is to make sure that the fence you erect will be highly functional for your individual needs. For example, if you are looking for maximum privacy and security, you may consider solid fencing made from inherently strong materials such as cast iron. On the other hand, if you are looking to landscape with your fencing, you may want to consider a more suitable style such as slatted fencing. So what are some of the main benefits of erecting a slatted fence

Slatted fencing allows for vertical gardening

One of the main reasons why people will gravitate toward slatted fencing is this design is highly convenient for vertical gardening. There are a number of ways that your slatted fencing would enable you to grow a live garden. Firstly, the different slats on the fence can be staggered at various heights to suit your needs. As a result, some slats would be ideal for climbing plants whereas others can be specifically used to hang gardening pots or to secure garden boxes. Secondly, slatted fencing allows for maximum distribution of rainwater to the plants that are growing on it. As the rainwater flows down, it will be absorbed by all the plants on the fencing, hence ensuring that they thrive.

Slatted fencing enhances irrigation on your property

Another advantage of choosing slatted fencing is that it will ensure that your property is adequately irrigated. One aspect of fencing typically overlooked is that it could cause swamping in your garden. The reason for this is during high rainfall, the water will not be absorbed by the soil at a fast rate. If you have a solid fence, the water starts to pool at the bottom, which then floods your garden. As a result, your plants become overwatered, and their roots could drown. Slatted fencing, on the other hand, can have their slats staggered vertically or horizontally. No matter what configuration you choose, you can be assured that there will be adequate space for the water to flow through the fencing, which prevents puddling in your garden. As a result, you do not have to worry about your garden turning into a marsh during the wetter seasons.