Understanding Your Fencing Options

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Tips to Help You Choose Fencing for Your Commercial Nursery or Other Plant Business

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If you run a nursery, a hydroponic garden, a plant research facility or a range of similar facilities, you need industrial fencing that can keep the deer and other hungry pests out of your property. To choose fencing that meets that need, you may want to take the following tips into account.

1. Go for Height

Deer and roos, in particular, can jump extremely high, and if you want to keep them out, you need estate fencing that is high. When it comes to deer, they can jump high but not laterally, and to keep them out, you may also want to add some depth to your fencing.

You can do this a by using a double fence — one inside the other with an area for hardy plants or other decorations in between. For a more cost effective alternative, you may just want to opt for slanted stakes or spikes at the top of the fence. If those stick out a bit, that can deter most deer from jumping over.

2. Integrate Concrete or Asphalt

You also need to prevent the burrowing pests from getting under the fence. Even if the rest of your facility is soil for planting, you may want to do concrete or asphalt around the perimeter of the fence. The industrial fence installer can help you figure out whether your situation calls for putting in the hard surface or the fence first. Most burrowers can't get under those materials.

If you want to have rolling gardens all the way up to your fence, you need to talk with the installer about burying a portion of the fence. In many cases, you can put a less expensive partial panel cyclone fencing under the ground. Then, you can have the industrial fencing of your choice above ground.

3. Don't Overlook Ornamental Designs

Although functional is critical if you want your plants well protected, that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the beauty of your facility. There are many ornamental industrial fences that are also very durable and sturdy. Remember, clients, investors and others who visit your facility will get their first impressions, in many cases, from your fence.

4. Opt for Automatic Gates

Of course, animals will also wander in through open gates, and to help your staff remember to close gates, you may want to automate them. Consider installing locks with keypads or security cards, so that your staff can easily get in and out as needed.